Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! As of the last session, the Quad Squad discovered more about each other’s backstories, and went out on the town (to a slight difficulty…). But now, the players will meet new characters and enter the wilderness!

Head into the wild in this post at Tiefling Corner.

The Party

As of now, this is the Quad Squad in full:

  • Wren, the Human Rogue, the only one who knows anything worthwhile about the Twilight Empire (and don’t forget: he reads Draconic!)
  • Tuft, the Owlfolk Warlock (busy this session so couldn’t make it), a beacon of authority in an intriguing plot
  • Mal, the Leonin Barbarian, a fun chef who may or may not have put enemy hands in the stew while cleaning their hair
  • Blancha, the Dhampir Druid, a crime mistress who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty (despite her infatuation with makeup)

Now that the players have been introduced, let’s start the recap!

The Recap

Part 1: The Gamble

It’s a cloudy night in Sahaugin Stop. But not everyone is sleeping. At Silver Dragon Plaza, Lady Blancha conducts a shady deal with drow crime lord the Widow, who just so happens to be the one person Blight asked the Quad Squad to take out. Meanwhile, a guard heads outside to head to the outhouse, but is immediately sneak attacked by Blancha, hidden in a potted plant.

Mal and Wren head inside just in time to see the business deal going horribly. The drow try to attack Blancha to cover up lying through their teeth, as the two plot lines converge. Blancha attacks the Widow to discover she is in fact a night hag, and the battle begins. As Mal defeats a drow, she discovers the grotesque armor and face of a wight in disguise. Other drow turn out to be the same. The night hag attempts to use ray of enfeeblement on members of the party, but fails both times.

Using the power of spores, Blancha decimates the night hag, and the battle is over. Upon closer inspection, the wights and night hag bear the symbol of the vampire known as the Night Dealer, which to Blancha can only mean one thing:

Her father knows where she lives.

Part 2: Sins of the Father

Despite being asked to explain themselves, both Mal and Wren walk off (give or take some tense conversation between Mal and Blancha) away from Silver Dragon Plaza. Mal cleans their hair, then walks back to the tavern. Wren, however, discovers a curiosity shop known as the Panopticus and buys a mirror that portrays himself (but not quite, due to Mirror Zone magic).

As the Rogue and the Barbarian return to the Roc’s Perch for a good night’s sleep, Blancha decides to take matters into her own hands to find out more about the party. In disguise, she first talks to Mr. Sirivak, who tells all he can about the party. Upon learning that Tuft bears a symbol of the Night Dealer, Blancha heads to the Panopticus, where she discusses with the shopkeeper about the party, learning about the Giff attack and the wraith incident (from last session).

Saying goodbye to the owner of the Panopticus, Blancha heads off to an easy rest. Meanwhile, Mal is having much more disturbing visions. They see a castle, but upon further inspection it turns to blood and melts, leaving various Leonin screaming and scrambling around. Looking up, Mal sees the disembodied head of some evil deity, who says, “HELLO, MAL!”…

Part 3: Into the Horizon

Mal wakes up in a sweat, but gets up nonetheless to discover a letter from the Coalition requiring her appearance on the Sugar Fiend. Wren receives a similar letter. And across town, Blancha receives a letter requiring her spying on the same ship (according to Blight).

The three reconvene on the Sugar Fiend. They are all debriefed by Captain Frinera about their mission: to retrieve Captain Relevos, dead or alive (but preferably alive). The ship sets sail, and the party is off to Greater Talisman Island!

On the ship, Wren and Blancha have their fortunes taken by a gnome named Jalester. Wren receives the Hermit: a sign of wanderlust and a goal of belonging, while Blancha receives the Mountebank: a symbol of shady deals and ill-gotten gain.

Part 4: What Really Happened on Talisman Island

The party arrives on Greater Talisman Island about one hour later. Exploring the island’s various terrain is no easy task, but with Mal’s superb Survival check, the party treks through the tall grass with purpose. When they enter a clearing, the party discovers the remains of a one-eyed aberration, riddled with purple arrows of native origin. Moving on, the party travels through various cooled lava fields, until discovering a campfire and their target: Captain Relevos.

The captain notices the party first. Encouraging them to sit down and have a drink, his bestial instincts suddenly kick in and he attacks the party! After destroying his illusory form, the party is shocked to discover that Relevos is in fact a young white dragon, and he nearly eradicates the party with his cold breath before being taken down by the party’s combined force.

The party grabs a few scales and two teeth from Relevos, before leaving him to rot in the humid climate. Upon returning to the beach, the party discovers that the Sugar Fiend is parked quite a ways away in the water, and war canoes of the local tribes are headed towards the island! Wren uses his ring of water walking to cross the waters quickly, while Blancha and Mal are left with few options and limited time.

Suddenly, griffon riders descend from the heavens! But that’s where the story will continue next session. I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and the party wants you to follow this blog and like this post!

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