Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! In the previous article, I explained the pirate fort known as Sahaugin Stop, the Coalition of Pirate Lords, and the massive underground prison below Sahaugin Stop known as Seavault. There was so much content that it needed a sequel. Now, it’s time for shopping! In DND! Hopefully your characters have money in their pockets, because this is going to be a mad romp through Sahaugin Stop, and there are no ATMs here, just pickpockets!

Shop till you drop (or not) in this post at Tiefling Corner!

Shops of Sahaugin Stop

Sahaugin Stop is home to lots of pirates who have to survive somehow. The entire crew of the Giant Toe is on reserve from their ship due to their commitment to keeping the fort intact. So what does a pirate without a ship do? They make shops using crafts they can deal with to stay alive and intact (albeit in squalid fort conditions).

Sahaugin Stop has at least 5 homes, shops and services within its shantytown. You can add more shops if you so wish, but these eight are absolutely essential to the campaign ahead! Keep in mind that the NPCs within these shops may never be seen again, but make sure that the players are being fair to them! After all, nobody wants an unexpected rival…

Let the shopping commence!

The Roc’s Perch

The Roc’s Perch is a tavern and inn within Sahaugin Stop, run by several wood elf commoners and one roc trapped in human form. Home to most pirates who stop in the fort, this tavern is the ultimate pirate stop experience.

Guests are expected to pay 2 silver pieces a night in the tavern, plus 3 more silver pieces if the patrons wish to be provided rations. Mr. Sirivak (see below) is inclined to protect his patrons with his life for free.

Mr. Sirivak

Ron Sirivak is by far the most interesting person (or beast) in the Roc’s Perch. In fact, he’s a roc himself. After being transformed by the strange magic of the Krakengaard during a blood moon, Mr. Sirivak (see stats below) swapped his body with a random human in Sahaugin Stop. While keeping the stats of a roc (health-wise), Mr. Sirivak is very hard to beat, and many patrons know not to mess with him.

Mr. Sirivak likes shiny things, and he collects silver pieces because they shine the most in his eyes. Sirivak wears bracers of defense disguised as tavern gloves. Always bearing a +1 longsword in battle, Mr. Sirivak isn’t afraid of anyone. He was a massive bird of prey once!

Here are Mr. Sirivak‘s stats:

Mr. Sirivak

medium humanoid, chaotic good

armor class: 16(chain shirt + bracers of defense)

hit points: 175(7d20+80)

speed: 30 ft.

STR: +2(15) DEX: +1(13) CON: +2(14) INT: +0(11) WIS: +1(12) CHA: +0(10)

Saving throws: DEX+4, CON+3, WIS+4, CHA+3

Skills: Perception +4

Senses: Passive Perception 14

Languages: Common, Avian

Challenge: 9(5,000 xp)

Proficiency Bonus: +4

Keen Sight. Mr. Sirivak has advantage on Wisdom(Perception) checks that rely on sight.


Multiattack. Mr. Sirivak makes two attacks with his +1 longsword.

+1 Longsword. +1 to hit, reach 5 ft. Hit: 9 (1d8+5) slashing damage, or 10 (1d10 + 5) slashing damage if used with two hands.

Lady Grahgu’s Library

An orc hand of Yurtus named Lady Grahgu moved to Sahaugin Stop on the Giant Toe and found an affinity for reading. She became the librarian in Lady Grahgu’s Library, a free option for pirates and adventurers to gain access to tomes and knowledge from days long past. Lady Grahgu’s rarest books include a Tome of Larelei that spellcasting characters can copy from (see below the table), for 2 gold pieces plus the level of the spell. Roll a d6 on the rumors table when the players read a book, or choose the book they read and give the corresponding lore:

1 from The Bandit’s Sea Abridged: “The aboleth Wylorr is known to frequent the waters around the Talisman Islands, guarding a powerful magic item known as a Krakengaard. It appears to be attracted to such items of significant importance. The Snowy Lords of Sivillia own such an item as well, but it has a devilish tint to its power…”
2 from Evils of Barrowhold: “By far the most constant dark threat within Barrowhold is the vampire known as the Night Dealer. He is forever cursed to never see his family in person, but he tries tirelessly to break his curse, to no avail. If only he knew how to break the curse. Then, all of Barrowhold might see the sun again and its Lord would be free of his ailment… “
3 from Teleportation Circles for Common Folk: “Count Iribald is a strong believer in the ability for all to use and have convenience with magic. He took his cause to the High Jury of the Iron City, but they refused. Iribald still champions this cause, believing it good.” (the book also has the teleportation circle addresses for the Iron City, Silver City, and the Sivillian Capital, as well as an extra house address for a place in Sahaugin Stop known as “Savastor’s Hand” (see Savastor’s Hand later in this post)
4 from Plains Without Frontiers: “The Infernal Plains are the foulest place in the multiverse, for the demons and devils there serve no greater master than Crav, the god of chaos. Trust no demon nor devil, their words are like the silver in false gold. Knowing I will likely be sent to the Plains myself to live out an existence of torture soon, just remember to look for a Sir Wyatt Howe from Sivillia within that foul place, and use this knowledge sparingly…”
5from God of Time: “Savastor, the god of time and constructs, is known for giving the gift of the teleportation circle and the ability to make constructs to ancient man, which we have perfected in the time since then -another thing Savastor rules over- and used to the benefit of all humanoids.”
6from Larelei’s Words: “The prophet of Gylaman Larelei knew that his sacred sword Peacemaker could have the potential to fall into evil hands. So, with the god of law’s permission, he hid it in a cave somewhere near the Iron City, and lay to rest there…”

Tome of Larelei

wondrous item, rare

This ancient tome of spellcasting knowledge is inscribed with a wreath of snakes, Larelei’s symbol. Within the book’s black dragon leather cover are many spells that a spellcaster can copy from to learn. The spells include the following:

cantrips: word of radiance, true strike, toll the dead, thunderclap, sword burst, spare the dying

1st level: wrathful smite, witch bolt, unseen servant, thunderwave, silent image

2nd level: aid, blur, augury

3rd level: blink, conjure animals, call lightning, fear, fly, glyph of warding

Savastor’s Hand

A group of tinkerers (primarily gnomes, kobolds, dwarves, and their constructs) who worship Savastor, god of time and constructs, meet in this small workshop near the Roc’s Perch. The head tinkerer, a kobold named Dragonbits, has completed his teleportation circle and is prepared to offer two-way travel from Sahaugin Stop to the Iron City and back again, costing 125 gold pieces per round trip for a person. The teleportation circle is set to return the players to Sahaugin Stop in two weeks, but the players can add 25 gold pieces for each day they will go over the limit. Exploration of the Iron City is beyond the scope of this adventure, but if you choose to explore the Iron City, an adventure for that city will be created soon!

Silver Dragon Plaza

Ah, the player home… what an interesting concept! The next two locations will be possible party bases later in the game (or now, if the players have the dough to do so!), so read up on these houses, starting with this one: Silver Dragon Plaza!

The Ghost of Duchess Merrin

Silver Dragon Plaza is known as the largest house in Sahaugin Stop: an old manor built by Sivillian nobles and kept by the invading pirates. The ghost of a Sivillian duchess within the mansion is enough to make the common guest scream, however.

Duchess Merrin is actually very personable, despite her ghostly form. She fluffs pillows and makes beds for characters sleeping in the old children’s bedroom, and also tells the owner of the manor if someone is lying within Silver Dragon Plaza if she discerns it. Boiling fine tea that seems to come from a nonexistent tap for the characters is her specialty.

The Drebuck Ship

Most pirates in Sahaugin Stop don’t realize that their most popular landmark, a massive Sivillian ship that ran aground here named the Drebuck, is actually a place where people could live. Despite the Roc’s Perch being the more notable option, the Drebuck Ship is a small estate that makes up one half of the ship that was cracked in two (due to the other half being the meeting place of the Coalition of Pirate Lords).

If the players wish to buy it, the seller, a Tiefling of bone devil descent named Orion, offers it to them for 75 gp. Players who chat it up with Orion discover he is leaving the house due to Zentharran spies planning to assassinate him, since he upholds foreign diplomacy in the Zentharran Resistance, a group of rebels who want to overthrow the totalitarian regime of Zenthar and its Green Hands.

Poison Blight

Orion has a contact, a Yuan-Ti named Poison Blight, who is a very useful information broker. If the players feel like they’re not getting something they need to know from the Coalition of Pirate Lords, chances are Blight got to them first. If the players buy the Drebuck Ship, Orion can give them an introduction and meeting time. Describe this scene to the players the first time they meet Blight:

“You see a Yuan-Ti Malison with the face of a black mamba, smiling a slightly toothy grin at all of you. His body is armed to the teeth with various poisons, acids, and daggers, and a rapier is hilted at his side. As if his current assassin garb has no effect on people, he takes out a book entitled “My Sweet, Sweet Information“, gets out an inkwell, and prepares his hand for writing something down. ‘Hello there, my informant Orion told me about you all. Now, what juicy gossip do you want to hear?’ His hand is getting ready like a high schooler about to write in their diary.”

Poison Blight usually offers information for 5 gp an answer to a question the players ask, but players won’t get their money back if he doesn’t know. However, if the players offer information of an equal value, Blight will waver the fee and ask for the gossip. Blight can be called upon for plenty of information, but there are things he doesn’t know about, which include these questions:

  • What is going on in the Twilight Empire currently?
  • What does the Krakengaard do?
  • Who cursed Captain Murrars?

If the players can provide answers to those questions, Blight may introduce them to the Underbelly as its group patron. But that’s another article for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and get some tea from Duchess Merrin for completing this article!

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