Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! In the last post on the site, the players made it into Sahaugin Stop and hopefully rested, refueled, and learned rumors from locals or prisoners at the Seavault to continue their adventure. Now, it’s time to start a battle voyage as the players go head-to-head with the intellect of Captain Relevos and his ship, the Saltnoose, as well as consulting the storm giant Seabeard for guidance against the powerful ship!

The greatest game is about to begin in this post at Tiefling Corner.

Seabeard’s Counsel

As the Sugar Fiend (as well as the Dragonbeer if the party saved it from the Zentharrans) sets out to sea, Captain Frinera gives the players information as to where the group will go:

“We will seek out the counsel of a storm giant in the Bandit’s Sea known as Seabeard and approach him on his perch on the Rock of the Allfather. Perhaps he knows where the Saltnoose or perhaps even the elusive Froghemoth went.”

If the players argue that searching for Seabeard will take more time, Frinera adds, “ships don’t just disappear. Someone like Seabeard who is always watching the ocean will likely have seen the ships pass on their way to who knows where.”. If the players succeed a DC 18 Persuasion check, Captain Frinera may choose to search for the Saltnoose blindly; however, Captain Frinera will most likely choose to find the Rock of the Allfather first, which is the purpose of this segment.

Rock of the Allfather

When the players arrive at the Rock of the Allfather, describe the gaunt figure that stands before them:

“Towering out of the ocean is a 20-foot high rock, made out of a shiny grey material. Worn and broken by the ages, it almost reveals the ancientness of the tall storm giant upon it. If he hadn’t been casting a massive fishing line into the sea as you looked forward, you would have thought he was part of the landscape: a lone statue on a solitary rock. He turns to acknowledge the presence of the Sugar Fiend in his ocean space, and in a deep, rumbly voice says, ‘If you wish to seek the counsel of Seabeard, you have found him.’ “

Tell the player driving the ship (or roll for Captain Frinera) to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 12) as the Sugar Fiend tries to avoid Seabeard’s massive bobber the size of a buoy in the ocean, made out of some lightweight rock and sea wharf. On a success, the ship anchors down on a sandy part of the island, the part that the players couldn’t see from their view of Seabeard. A small Wyvarnian merchant ship is also docked in this sandy reef (see “Wyvarnian Sages” below). On a failure, the boat crashes into the buoy for 2d4 bludgeoning damage. Seabeard has to stand up to unsnag his fishing line.

There is a relief that the ship wasn’t hit by the cast as a massive hook the size of an anchor is dragged out of the ocean, carrying seven huge grouper snagged on it eating some mystery meat. A successful DC 13 Investigation check reveals that they are chewing on several peryton carcasses, which Seabeard grabs more of in a “bait bin” the size of a 1-story house. A small humanoid-sized cabin sits to the left of Seabeard, and he appears very careful to avoid tripping over or otherwise destroying the house (see “Maddalena” below).

Wyvarnian Sages

Three Wyvarnian sages (use commoner stat block) and their guardian wyvern (neutral good, won’t attack the players unless they fight its masters) squat upon the island to gain knowledge about the world from the vague Seabeard. A successful DC 7 History check reveals the Wyvarnians are known for owning and taming dragons for friendly use, hence their country being referred to as “Wyvarnia”.

The sages are triplets: Ovidus, Rovidus, and Drovidus. Named consecutively on their 13th birthday (as per the Wyvarnian custom), the triplets talk almost in unison when asked a question, with Ovidus sometimes adding “mmm, yes” or “that’s right”. Having been on the Rock of the Allfather for almost three years, the three brothers know much about the world without much experience, and plan to write a book about their time with Seabeard(with the storm giant’s permission). O, Ro, and Dro’s Time With Seabeard will reach shelves in Sahaugin Stop faster than any other port in the region. If the players want a copy, the brothers sell it to them for 2 gp (“Paper isn’t easy to come by here in the Bandit’s Sea!”), or the players can gain a free copy from Lady Grahgu’s Library in Sahaugin Stop 1d6 weeks after their encounter with the three sages. The pages of the book, laid out like an informational magazine, can be used to discover all sorts of lore. Characters reading the book can roll a d20 to find an interesting topic within the book in the table below.

1FLUUMPHS! What are they?” is a child-oriented program about Fluumphs. Rovidus got the description all wrong, which displays the Fluumph as a massive floating eyeball. However, the knowledge of their abilities is genuine.
2Gylaman and Crav: Brothers at War!” explains the allies and battles between Gylaman and Crav: the god of law and the god of chaos respectively. The segment is similar to my article on Gylaman and Crav, and the players can read that for more information.
3Don’t Mess With Dragons!” is a full page colored informational poster that explains how to tell dragons apart, as well as a small picture in the corner depicting Tiamat, saying “RUN AWAY FROM ME!”
4The Twilight Empire” is a recollected prose from Seabeard’s memory that details how to sing a giant tune that will scare the Counselor of Serpents and his Yuan-Ti away. Ovidus did his absolute best to make sure the song was genuine, and it indeed works to combat the snake folk (a full article on the Highfell Yuan-Ti is coming soon!)
5Ebony Keep’s Darkest Secret” is a horror-style article where Drovidus explains the evil of the Ebony Swan and how various cults are attracted to its power. A picture of the magical artifact and Ebony Keep add to the gothic mood.
6Peacemaker: The Holiest Sword!” explains the namesake powerful weapon forged by a temporary alliance between Gylaman and Crav, as well as famous bearer of the weapon Larelei, a prophet in Nownland.
7Star Time!” is a wondrous stylized depiction of the Star pantheon, a group of powerful entities rumored to rival the gods. Vidos the Red Giant’s description is enough to put a normal person on edge.
8Teteleast! The Jungle of EVIL!” explains the continent of Teteleast and the important figures that come from the dark and brooding jungles. Rovidus goes to painstaking detail to recreate General Rivero’s last stand in the Bandit’s Sea, an event most pirates would remember.
9The Red King! Lord of the Underdark!” goes into detail about the Red King, the tyrant king of the Underdark. They also include his allies in the Twilight Empire and the quaggoths in his employ.
10Moriad: Valley of Dead Dragons“, A collection of things Seabeard learned about the ancient Draconic empire during his walk across the Highfell that he takes once every two hundred years. He notes the Moriadic people were “very intolerant of my giant nature” and “unable to change opinions”. Despite this, Drovidus acknowledges that Seabeard is sad that Moriad fell, and hopes someone will return it to a new normal.
11The Cult of Bhigal: Dark Measures!” describes the Moriadic lich known as Bhigal and his cult that he rules with an iron fist. Bhigal’s terrible backstory is narrated by Rovidus.
12Narythland: An Untamed Wilderness of Slaadi and Elves!” is a mapped guide to Narythland and its many regions, including elven territory and the Glass Obelisk: a strange shining monument in the middle of the Plains of Naryth.
13Baron Zuhar. Birdkeeper. Paladin. Revolutionist.” idolizes the Baron of Ebony Keep, Gareth Zuhar, who fought High Judge Thane and won with the help of his allies in Silvus the Dragonborn Druid and the various Kenku who fought alongside him. At the moment, Ovidus believes Baron Zuhar is dead(a lie created by a friend of the Baron’s, Captain Whyte)
14Dragon in the Sky“, prose detailing the fall of Moriad, as told by a poet in the fallen city and collected on Seabeard’s latest walk across the Highfell. Drovidus found it and added it as a last-minute addition.
15The Infernal Plains Are DANGEROUS!“, a guide to the demons, devils, and other factions of the Infernal Plains. Ovidus especially describes the Lord of Knives and the Blood Queen.
16Wyvarnian Creation Story” is a personal recollection by the three sages about Wyvarnia’s creation myth, a small remembrance of their home. According to Wyvarnian legend, the dragon gods created the Highfell.
17Sounds of the Underdark” is a powerful magical page that Ovidus got another visitor to the island (a wizard and jack of all trades named Star Shepherd) to create and enchant for him. The page features sounds of the Underdark, from a quaggoth’s growl to the howls of subterranean gnolls and the buzzing of massive insects. It is a very immersive sound experience.
18Seabeard and His Kin: A Family Divided” explains the strained relationship between Seabeard and his giant children, after the King of Giants ordered his people to build near the edges of the earth to make way for humanoid races. It ends with Seabeard’s exile from giantkind, but Drovidus reminds the reader that although Seabeard’s rulership is gone, the Allfather, god of the giants, prohibits giants from entering civilization in honor of the storm giant who designed the rule.
19Enter the Iron City!” is an informational pamphlet that details famous landmarks and history of the Iron City. The Bird Zone, a haven for bird lovers and Kenku, is detailed the most out of everything, just ahead of Rovidus’ condemning look on High Judge Thane’s tyranny over the Iron City in recent years.
20Have you seen this Demonomicon of Iggwilv?” details the famous magical item, as well as other dangerous demonic artifacts of unspeakable evil. A complete colored page showcases the cover and back cover of the Demonomicon, as well as a single page Ovidus learned about from Seabeard’s recollection that shows how to summon an imp (the page is slightly nonsense due to Drovidus worrying about devilish scandals involving their book).

Seabeard, the Old Watcher

Seabeard the Old Watcher has seen so much in the 5,000 years he has lived on the Rock of the Allfather, and he was already 900 when he was exiled. Likely the oldest giant (and possibly oldest mortal) in existence, Seabeard is a constant in the Bandit’s Sea, and all pirates revere him.
But he has existed far longer than anyone could imagine. Seabeard was the first and only King of Giants, and his children are squabbling and killing each other without him. Seabeard knows this, but he is too old to take the throne once more. His children would tear him to pieces. Seabeard wishes to have his life preserved by fishing peacefully on the small outcrop called the Rock of the Allfather.

Seabeard only has two requests of anyone stopping on his island to pray or trade lore: he wants fish or a story as an offering if the visitor wants to trade lore, and he will not allow more than 10 people on the island at a time, not including himself, for crowds make him uncomfortable. Seabeard loves pirate tales, because he believes pirates have the greatest stories to tell. The three Wyvarnian sages are annoying but consistent, and Seabeard is growing bored of their presence on the rock. Hopefully the players will bring him a better story as he protects a woman giving birth on the island (see “Maddalena” below), and Seabeard can tell them tales of dragons, giants, and Stars.

Seabeard knows where the Saltnoose went, he saw it heading towards the Talisman Islands (where the Froghemoth was rebuilt). But he requests the characters to spend at least eight hours on the island chatting with him before they can go after their quarry. This time counts as a long rest, although the players can choose to leave earlier. The players trade stories with the players and lets them leave at sundown. In addition, he gives them a charm of darkvision when they leave and gives the players a boon of truesight if they offer to return, added on the next return to the Rock of the Allfather.


Unable to give birth to her child in any country in Wyvarnia’s proximity, Maddalena Vos was forced to come to the Rock of the Allfather with her husband and guard Weston Vos to raise her child: a human with tiefling horns named Ida. If asked about the situation, she explains that only Seabeard was able to take her in, due to her country of Quintealla being invaded and decimated by the Teteleast Inquisition during the War of Teteleast a few years ago. The Vos family plans to move to Nownland later in the year, and if the players wish to protect them for the duration of the moving, Maddalena offers a flametongue greatsword at the end of the journey.

Off to the Races!

After chatting with Seabeard and hopefully gaining more information on the whereabouts of the Saltnoose and Froghemoth (as well as possibly buying a book full to the brim with knowledge by means of O, Ro and Dro), the players have a fighting chance to find Captain Relevos and take him down, or otherwise complete the quest! It’s finally time to take down the second seceded captain. But we’ll catch up next time!

I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and the Rock of the Allfather looks particularly nice this time of year…

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