Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! In the previous part of Taking Down Captain Relevos, the players learned from the storm giant Seabeard that the Saltnoose and its captain, a half-elf called Captain Relevos, were headed towards the Talisman Islands for some unknown reason. Now, we continue the story!

Say a “land ho!” in this post at Tiefling Corner.

Explaining the Sides

Before we begin the adventure, I would like to explain stats for Captain Relevos and his crew:

  • “Captain Relevos” is in fact a young white dragon from Sivillia disguised as a pirate captain. He has kept this secret for years, so he will only transform in the humid climate of the Bandit’s Sea if his noble disguise fails. Before transforming, Captain Relevos is a noble, with these changes:
    • He has 35 hit points.
  • Four nothics guard Relevos on Greater Talisman Island in order for their master (the dramatic archmage Bhigal from Moriad) to gain favor with the white dragon.

Discoveries on Greater Talisman Island

Before the players catch up to the nothics and inevitably Relevos, you should be able to roll from the following table three times:

1The players discover what looks to be the ruins of a camp. The campfire was put out rather quickly, and succeeding upon a DC 13 Investigation check reveals a couple note pages that say “TWO KRAKENGAARDS” in Common, Draconic, and Giant.
2The party comes upon a notebook left in the forest. The pages are nonsense, but crafted well enough to be considered a mysterious manuscript. If the players read to the end, the final page reads “die” in clear Common, and the book explodes for 2d8+5 fire damage.
3The players come across the carcass of a mysterious, purple one-eyed creature. A successful DC 11 Arcana check reveals the creature to be a nothic, what remains of a powerful spellcaster who uncovered deadly arcane secrets. Remove one nothic from the boss fight with Relevos. The carcass is ridden with arrows with purple dye on the end of them. Players proficient in the Investigation skill would recognize these arrows as belonging to the Axebeak tribe, a tribe of humans in the Devos Islands.
4The party has to travel through a thick mangrove forest submerged in salt water 5 feet deep. If the players received a folding boat discovered in the hold of the Green Victory during the naval battle, now would be a good time to use it.
5The players walk across a cooled lava field. It has been about two days since it cooled, and the players can see clawed 3-toed feet that have left imprints in the basalt. The imprints lead towards the Shrine of the Krakengaard (see later in this post).
6The players come upon a grove home to six female elephants and two juvenile elephants (noncombatants). The elephants will not stampede unless combat breaks out, and they are docile towards the Mammoth tribe native to the Devos Islands.

If one of the dice is rerolled, 1d4-1 nothics rustles out of the bushes with no sense of stealth and attacks, possibly causing the elephants on roll 6 to stampede if roll 6 is rerolled. Remove one nothic from the boss fight with Relevos if this occurs.

Shrine of the Krakengaard

On the slopes of Talisman Mountain on Greater Talisman Island, there is a small shrine dedicated to Inigloo, Star of the Kraken. After 1d4+2 hours, the players discover Relevos, alone with his remaining nothics by the shrine. If he has run out of nothics, Relevos has his spectator companion Zazz guarding him.

When Relevos speaks, he tries hard to make the players question their mission. “After all,” he reasons, “what do you think those pirate savages could possibly give you in return?”. He explains that he knows of a second Krakengaard in the Talisman Islands, and he was asking the shrine for guidance on where the artifact was located. If worse comes to worse, Relevos begins combat, and fights hard to ensure his true form is not revealed.

When Relevos drops to 0 hit points as a noble, he says, “You fools! Look what you’ve done!” and turns into a young white dragon. Subtract 35 hit points from his hit point maximum as he engages the characters, due to damage that has already been sustained.


If the players defeat Relevos, they can discover his belongings, hidden among his tattered human clothes. Relevos bears the following items:

  • A figurine of wondrous power in the shape of a silver raven.
  • Notes on the Krakengaard and the address of a teleportation circle in Moriad.
  • A Tome of Larelei, stolen from Lady Grahgu’s Library.

Some NPCs the players met will likely find the items useful: the Coalition of Pirate Lords would likely want to know about the second Krakengaard, Dragonbits of Savastor’s Hand would love another teleportation circle area code (regardless of whether he knows where it leads), and Lady Grahgu wants her book back. But overall, if the players defeat Relevos, they can keep copies of the notes, copy from the Tome of Larelei, and then return the items to people who need them more. Oh, and they’re keeping the silver raven.

The players aren’t out of the fire yet. But that’s lore for the next post! I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and two Krakengaards are worse than just one!

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