Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! As of the previous post, the players have defeated Captain Relevos (hopefully) and grabbed his belongings. But they’re not done yet! They still have to get off of Greater Talisman Island. And that might be even harder now that the local tribes have noted their presence!

Better run through the jungle in this post at Tiefling Corner.

Tribes of the Bandit’s Sea

The pirates and colonists weren’t the first humanoids to settle the Bandit’s Sea. That title is reserved for the tribes of the Bandit’s Sea, collectively known as the Monoka. The Monoka are divided into several tribes, but they all serve Naryth, god of nature, in some way.

The Mammoth Tribe

The Mammoth tribe is the largest tribe in the Monoka collective, and they care for and train the indigenous elephants on the islands as pack animals and war beasts on land. They have strongholds throughout the Bandit’s Sea, but the most notable is their camp on the marshy southern end of Greater Talisman Island, where they build their granite figurines.

Some Mammoth tribe members have figurines of wondrous power in the form of a granite elephant. This figurine has specific powers, which I will list below:

granite mammoth (rare)

This mammoth statue made of a pinkish granite can turn into a mammoth for up to 12 hours. The mammoth is friendly to you and your allies, and can become a mount. The mammoth attacks your enemies, but below a quarter of its health it fights to save itself. Once the granite mammoth has been used, it can’t be used again until 5 days have passed.

The Axebeak Tribe

Known for being territorial at any cost, the Axebeak tribe controls the Devos Islands, and are in an uneasy alliance with the sahaugin and the pirates of Sahaugin Stop. This tribe is known for their frightening axebeak mounts, which they ride into battle. Their trademark purple-tipped arrows are a sign they may be advancing on a new territory or trying to drive out another tribe to seize dominance over the region.

The Axebeaks have the ambition to become the only tribe in the Bandit’s Sea, and they do so with powerful warriors, large war canoes, overwhelming tactics, and surprise attacks. A few even own muskets they have traded (or stolen) from Giff traders exploring the region by airship. The Axebeaks worship Naryth in a very pagan way: through sacrificing prisoners and interpreting bones of dead animals. However, some Axebeaks leave the tribe and offer their expertise as sellswords, intent on finding their way in the islands by force.

The Griffon Tribe

You would expect the Griffon tribe to be careful with their decisions, considering their tribe is on the verge of annihilation. However, these reckless daredevils are known for their griffon riding expertise, and their training and trading of their craft has saved many a pirate’s skin. Griffon tribe members are proud of their riding ability, and despite their competitive nature, they’re not wary to show an outsider the ropes of griffon riding.

Most of the Griffon tribe’s members live on the sides of mountains in the Bandit’s Sea, most famously the top of Mount Sarasas in the Devos Islands. Nobody really cares to mess with the Griffon tribe, since their mountain domain is very hard to survive in, but the Axebeaks have been picking fights with the Griffon tribe, although no Griffon tribesmen have died yet.

If a player wants to learn to fly a griffon, they must pay 15 gp up front for one week of training and 5 gp for every consecutive week. After three weeks of training, a player gains a +5 in Animal Handling checks (but only with griffons) and can keep the griffon they tamed as a loyal companion (provided they can feed it meat: the griffons of the Bandit’s Sea aren’t picky about horse meat, but they do prefer some sort of seafood).

Now that you have learned about the tribes, it’s time to continue the adventure!

Axebeak Attack!

As the players head back towards the coastline, a successful DC 14 Perception check reveals about ten war canoes floating towards the island. Each canoe holds three tribal warriors from the Axebeak tribe. The players will quickly be overwhelmed if they stall, so the players must run to the other side of the island before reinforcements from the other end of the island arrive. Tell the players to roll three group Acrobatics checks. If one fails, two tribal warriors from the Axebeak tribe attack the players. If two or more checks are failed, the players become surrounded near the center of the island.

Support from the Griffons

As the players become surrounded or run to the other side of the island to find more canoe-faring warriors arriving, help can come in the form of Griffon tribe members trying to evacuate people on the island. As DM, read the following:

“As the various tribal warriors come running towards all of you, you hear the beating of wings above and five griffons descend upon you with riding warriors on their backs. ‘Come with us! We are friendly!’, you hear one rider say in well-versed Common.”

If the players accept, the riders pick them up and get them on the backs of their Griffons, then head out towards Mount Sarasas in the Devos Islands. The escape was successful! And if not, you can probably run an escape from the Axebeak camp, although that part is beyond the scope of this adventure.

I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and this is not How to Train Your Griffon!

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