Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (Part 1)

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! I recently began running a PbP (play-by-post) campaign of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, a sprawling urban adventure full of intrigue, mystery, and iconic villains. I have five (yes, five) players joining me for this adventure. And it’s going to be one heck of a ride!

The City of Splendors is the party’s oyster in this post at Tiefling Corner.

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My Characters: Keegam

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! Since I usually DM for my players, I don’t usually get a chance to play as a player. However, I enjoy making characters anyway!

This character is a bit special. They are my first character for the Greyhawk setting (originally introduced by the co-founder of DND Gary Gygax!), and also my first Barbarian: it’s time to introduce you all to Keegam!

It’s about time that we made a Barbarian in this post at Tiefling Corner.

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Rest in Skyhaus: Escaping Greater Talisman Island, Part 2

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! In the last part of this pirate adventure across the Bandit’s Sea, the players were rescued from an invading Axebeak tribe by the elusive Griffon tribe, a group that rides and tames griffons. Now, about a week later, we continue the story as the Griffon tribe rescuing party lands on a massive city floating using magic to discuss deals with a new benefactor!

Welcome to Skyhaus in this post at Tiefling Corner.

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The Quad Squad: Part 2

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! As of last session, the Quad Squad had only 3 players. But today, there’s one less! As one of our players had something going on (and our fourth wanted to wait to enter for a full team), we went ahead and did a downtime session with two of the players.

Backstories incoming in this post at Tiefling Corner.

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Battle Aboard the Dragonbeer!

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! It’s summer here in the States. And when we think of summer, we think of beaches!

But these tides are home to something more sinister: pirates! Everyone loves a good swashbuckling adventure, myself included. And what says it better than with a brawl between two ships over a powerful artifact?!

It’s Goblins of the Carribean now in this post at Tiefling Corner!

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Boats are the silent killers in DND. People should know this by now! But no, from the Unexpectables to Critical Role, something bad always happens on a boat! So, to end this conspiracy once and for all, I’ve decided to expose the boat menace with all the elegance and urgency I can muster!

Something’s afoul on every deck in this post at Tiefling Corner!

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My Characters: Doctor Alabastor

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner! It’s a spooky season, despite it being the middle of May. Want to know why? Two words: Van Richten’s. The lore book I’ve been waiting for, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, is coming next Tuesday, and I’m feeling a little horrific. Time to showcase my kooky creator: Doctor Alabastor!

Crazy is as crazy does in this post at Tiefling Corner.

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Tales of the Sapphire City: Part 1

Welcome back to Tiefling Corner. Today, I will introduce to you my fiction for my campaign setting called the Highfell, Tales of the Sapphire City, which follows various characters in the present day of the Highfell’s history. Perhaps this series will inspire you to run a session or two in the Highfell, or perhaps even run a fully fledged campaign in this intricate world!

The adventure begins in this post at Tiefling Corner


Hardak the Sapphire King stroked his blue draconic mane with great suspicion. “…Show me your work, Mr. Shepherd?”

“It is Star Shepherd, but very well! I present to you all… the Moon Rat!” The starry-robed wizard excitedly shook off the cloth towel to reveal a cage. Inside it were three rats as white as snow, with piercing opaque eyes pale like the moon.

From the audience, Merrick Demeanor was sensing mixed emotions in Star Shepherd’s mind. Of course, attuning to a wizard’s mind is no easy task; in fact, it had taken Merrick the better half of his week to attune to the crafty wizard’s mind. But some feeling of unease was coming over Star Shepherd’s body, and Merrick didn’t like that sign. Was there something wrong with the good wizard’s experiment? And if so, what?

Hardak posed for a portrait with the rats. But Merrick couldn’t shake the feeling out of his head. He would need to talk with his party, or, even better, his patron, about what had transpired at the exposition. Canalshander will suffice as a meeting place, far away from the prying eyes of the Sapphire City, Merrick decided. And maybe, just maybe, his suspicions would be confirmed… 


Two hundred miles away, Karn Greatmead delved into the ancient ruins of Moriad. Long ago, this city had been the capital of the greatest Draconic empire the world had ever seen, but now it was a dead city that used an even more dead language. 

Karn could read the writings, but Draconic took him four years at a college in the Silver City to learn, and even then, it was a slowly dying tongue. Karn requested Dragonborn guides to the lost city so he could learn the specificalities of the tongue, but they were good guides nonetheless.

Set on retrieving Draconic artifiacts worth a fortune, Karn quietly slipped through the sandstone street. As he rounded a corner, Karn was met with a cloaked figure, shrouded in the fog that covered most of the city, some thirty feet out.

“Who goes there?” Karn called out. He was beginning to suspect the city wasn’t as dead as previously expected. To Karn’s astonishment, the figure said, “only Dragontooth Bhigal of Moriad”, in perfect Draconic. Someone must have raised this pharoah from the dead, or the Dragonborn perfected the art of undeath, Karn thought.

Karn decided to be blunt. “Moriad has been dead, and Bhigal has been dead longer! Away with you, wraith!”

“Perhaps you are the one who should leave.” Bhigal hissed. “After all, you trespass on unholy ground. My people will not appreciate such ignorance, and would love to see your head on a pike.”

Karn thought for a moment, and then said, “You and what people? Everyone in this dead city is dead apart from your moving corpse, pharoah!”

Bhigal smiled. “Very well. You have decided your fate, tomb robber!”

Draconic hands enveloped Karn all around his hands and feet, slowly sinking him like living quicksand. 

“Please,” Karn pleaded, “perhaps there is something you want?”

“Indeed. If you are willing to listen, I will free you.”

“You have my word.” Karn said genuinely. The hands ceased, and the ghostly white claw of Bhigal grabbed him out of the draconic muck. 

“Come. We have much to discuss, Karn of Gardentown.”

“…How do you know my name?”

“I am a ‘pharoah’, as you say. We use the magics to their finest here in Moriad, and here I am the ruler!”

“I’m beginning to suspect I don’t have a choice of whether or not I should follow you… is that correct?”

Bhigal audibly laughed, “indeed.”

Part 2 is coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post at Tiefling Corner, and don’t invoke the wrath of Bhigal!